How Comntai started?

Comntai's team is composed of only me, a Software Engineer.

Recently my passionate towards AI, GPT, and chatbots has risen. So I decided to make a product to combine them all in one awesome product. Comntai is a mixure of two words Comment and AI as an reference to a chatbot that accept user questions and answer them based on data that you give.

Comntai was launched in January 2023. It is completely independent, self-funded, and bootstrapped.

My goal is to empower you as a user and help you build great user experiences. Also, privacy comes first. While using Comntai, you aren't tracked by some third-party analytics tool.

Since Comntai is a self-funded product, so it has a simple business model, You can use the tool for free but your designed bots will have a small "Made with Comntai" badge that aim to make people know this product. If you want to remove it and also have access to other advanced features, you have to subscribe for a paid plan.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at