Build an advanced Q&A chatbots

Imagine your site having a Q&A chatbot
that responds to your visitor questions with correct answers instantly.

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Only one feature?! - Not here

Everything on your webpage should look and feel amazing. Our dashboard gives you full control to impress.

Seed your questions

Give Comntai a boost to learn more about your product, Don't wait for visiots to ask.

Automatic SEO

Comntai automatically feeds your FAQ to Google FAQ Schema.

Powerful and flexible

Toil your model by editing answered questions, to let it gives more accurate answers.

Speak any language

Comntai understands all the major languages of the world. Your visitor asks in language other then English? Not even a problem.

Infinite customization

With Comntai no-code builder you can get the widget to match your webpage brand and theme, down to the last pixel. Without writing any line of code.

Pay one, have many

Comntai workspaces system gives you the ability to pay for one workspace and make chatbots whitin this workspace as many as you want.

One account, multiple sites

Have multiple bots for multiple sites, with one account!

Use Comntai Anywhere

You can integrate to any platform, including Wordpress, Shopify, Opencart, your Laravel site or just with plain JS on the page.

Team collaboration

Invite your teammates to work on your bots with you

Custom domain

Connect your comntai to the custom URL of your choice

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